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Crafted in California

Aligning User Needs with Business Goals wanted to enhance their website’s online literature ordering process. As part of this effort, the team conducted a series of interviews with the site’s primary users, financial advisors, to gain an in-depth understanding of their order literature process.

Based on the Indie Young “Mental Model” methodology, the team then extrapolated core tasks from each interview and grouped them into unique spaces to create a high-level view of financial advisor’s relationship to fund literature. This visualization was then used to inform the overall redesign process and ensure the project’s defined objectives not only supported the business goals, but addressed the financial advisor’s needs as well.

Overall User Experience Process

  • Recruit participants
  • Develop interview scripts and prompts
  • Conduct interviews
  • Evaluate transcribed interviews and “comb” for user tasks
  • Categorize mental space and build out mental model
  • Visualize mental model
  • Map business objectives and usability audit to mental model
  • Assess business goals vs user needs vs development feasibility to inform project priorities
  • Visual designs