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Solving Problems and Saving Paper

Franklin Templeton wholesalers spent much of their time on the road, visiting clients. One of their key challenges time lost finding and organizing up-to-date, client specific materials. Often, the wholesale was in a car, shuffling papers and hoping they’d have functional internet access at each location. The UX team, thru informational interviews and design ideation, determined not only did wholesalers need access to up-to-date materials, they needed more support throughout the customer-relationship life cycle.

The app focused on helping the wholesaler thru the three core aspects of a customer meeting; pre-meeting preparation, conducting the meeting itself and then post-meeting follow-ups. Each area would then surface and provide access to the relevant materials and relationship management data. Plus, the company gained an additional cost benefit by using digital materials—Wholesalers didn’t have to continuously print out marketing materials to ensure they were up-to-date.


Overall User Experience Process

  • Informational interviews
  • Concept focus groups
  • Design ideation
  • Visual design




Meeting Prep




Meeting Materials




Follow-Up Actions