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Making Migration as easy as 1, 2, 3

Norton Zone was a collaboration product that serviced both enterprise and consumer audiences. Because of this, it needed to offer content migration for when a user with the same email address transitioned from a personal to business account.  From a system perspective, the process was quite complex; there was a possible 35 different scenarios that could occur depending on the combination personal and business account and IDP type. The core challenge was making sure the end-user’s experience felt simple, regardless of the back-end complexity.

In addition to the end user would experience, UX also had to take our internal product team into consideration. The design solution had to be shared with and used by multiple teams (product, engineering and QA). Therefore, the designs also needed to easily communicate which scenario were being addressed, the user’s state and remediation actions.


Overall User Experience Process

  • Competitive analysis
  • Requirements definition
  • Task flow analysis
  • User flows
  • Wireframes